Our Services


We specialize in installing fine-quality pavers to design and build patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, garden products, and more!  Choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns.  Customize your back yard for less money than you might think!

Pavers offer a better alternative than concrete.  Because of the Northern Nevada climate, concrete will eventually crack due to the freezing and thawing of night and daytime temperatures.  This is why concrete will cost more money in the long run than pavers will.  Also, attempting to repair cracked concrete is difficult because it is often nearly impossible to match the color of weathered concrete.  Pavers are much easier to repair since a single unit can be replaced.

*ICPI Certified

Erosion Solutions

We offer custom solutions to prevent erosion problems.  From retaining walls to drainage ditches to rock barriers, we can design and install a custom landscape design that will enhance the appearance of your property and prevent erosion damage.  We also have soil erosion cloth to maintain the shape of your slope.    

Water Features

Water Falls, Ponds, Fountains and more!  We will help you custom design your own!  Check out our photo gallery to get some ideas.  We offer a free consultation and reasonable rates for a low maintenance water feature.


Save money by reducing water consumption while improving the appearance of your property. With a proper design and implementation, less time and effort is required for maintenance. If your want an attractive landscape with less maintenance and less water consumption, then xeriscape may be the best choice for you.


Grass roots need air in order for your lawn to stay healthy and green.  This process consists of punching small holes in your lawn to allow oxygen, irrigation, fertilizers, and nutrients reach the roots of your lawn.  This will also help combat the compacting that is caused by foot traffic. 


Thatch is the layer of organic matter (usually from grass clippings) that accumulates on top of the soil.  The main idea is to maintain a fairly thin layer of thatch.  Too much thatch results in cutting off oxygen, water, and nutrients to the roots of your lawn.  Not enough thatch can cause your lawn to dry out from the heat.  By routinely aerating and dethatching your lawn, we can help ensure that your lawn will remain healthy. 

Mowing, Trimming, Edging, Weeding

Because we are a full service landscape company, we will make you lawn look extravagant!  Routine care and maintenance makes the difference between a good lawn and a great lawn. 


Whether you own a new home or wish to start from scratch, sodding provides a quick, green, weed-free lawn solution.  Sodding is especially effective on slopes and other areas that are prone to erosion. 


Fertilizing is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy lawn.  The objective is to maintain the proper nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for your lawn.  This works best when done 4-5 times per year and we recommend a minimum of at least twice a year. Our “slow-release” fertilizing products will help ensure a steady supply of nutrients for your lawn.


We install fine-quality pavers to build driveways.  Pavers have great durability and are installed over a base of sand.  Paving stones are structurally very strong and only brick is in its class with a minimum rating of 8000 psi.

Low Voltage Lighting

A reasonably inexpensive way to light driveways, walkways, ponds, and more!  Automatically program on and off times with a timer.  If installed in your pavers, this is an efficient way to light up your landscape using little power with no tripping hazards.

Tree & Shrub Planting

Customize your yard with the trees and shrubs of your choice.  We have the necessary equipment to transplant large trees and can install a custom irrigation system to make sure your new trees are watered. 

Sprinkler Installation & Repair

We install top quality and cost efficient sprinkler systems to ensure your lawn will stay green with little maintenance.  With a fully automated system, your lawn is ensured to get watered on the correct watering days and the correct time to maximize efficiency to conserve water.  We repair all types of systems to include: sprinkler heads, pipes, fittings, timers, leaks, lack of pressure, grading, erosion, drainage, and much more.

Drip Systems

Keep all you plants watered and healthy with a fully automated drip system.  Designed for efficiency, a good drip system will save you time, money, and energy.  By diverting water to only the plants that need to be watered, you will save considerable time because of less weeding and not wasting water on the space between plants.